Sommo e Bascapè plants

ALAN SRL plants of Sommo and Bascapè treat biologic sludge from industrial and urban waste water treatment plants.

Upon arrival of the trucks, the origin and composition of waste are assessed through identification forms. Once accepted, while waiting to be precessed, the sludge is stored into tanks in closed sheds to prevent odorous emissions. The material is taken from the storage tanks and put into a mixer with process reactants (lime and sulfuric acid).

The purpose of mixing and treatment is to obtain a biomass without pathogens in order to respect the parameters of the law and the authorization requirements. Once treated, the biomass is ready for agronomic use and it is stored in appropriate tanks in closed buildings.

Our finished product is transported to the fields of farmers affiliated with us and used to fertilize the land. Everything is done with the help of tractors and manure spreaders according to the quantities set by the law. In some cases, depending on the sludge type, sulfuric acid is added on a separate line in order to obtain a fertilizer (gypsum of defecation) that complies with the requirements of the Italian law. Our company is actively participating in the Green Economy, returning purified substances to the environment, ready for the new immission into the production cycle, without affecting existing natural resources.